Free Fly - Women's Midweight Shirt

$ 24.95

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The Free Fly Bamboo Midweight Long Sleeve is part of the next revolution in natural clothing from Free Fly. The Free Fly Bamboo Midwieght Long Sleeve is a shirt built for any condition. With the Trout Stalkers logo printed the Long Sleeve is cool, quick drying, anti-odor and comfy, give bamboo a try!
  • COMFORT - The ultra-fine yarn means it’s ultra-soft against your skin.
  • UV PROTECTION - Skip the slimy sunscreen. Free Fly’s bamboo fabric blends provide natural UV protection.
  • BREATHABLE - Bamboo fibers make the fabric blends more breathable than cotton, hemp, wool, and synthetic fabrics.
  • MOISTURE WICKING - Don’t love clothing that traps moisture in, or worse, sticks to your skin? Neither do we—bamboo to the rescue.
  • THERMAL REGULATING - Our bamboo fabric blends keep you a few degrees warmer in the colder climes and cooler when it’s warm.
  • ANTI-ODOR - We build apparel that’s meant to be worn, so this was a biggie for us. Bamboo fibers naturally resist trapping odors.
  • ANTI-ITCH - Thanks to the smooth structure of its fibers, bamboo fabric blends are soft and non-irritating.
  • ANTI-STATIC - Bamboo fabric blends naturally eliminate the buildup of static electricity.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE - No pesticides, efficient upward growth, and no irrigation are just three reasons that make us love bamboo more.
  • BIODEGRADABLE - Bamboo fabric blends break down over time decomposing back into a natural element.